Are tickets refundable?
Sorry, tickets are non refundable.
How do I purchase my ticket?
You can buy your ticket from our website (Buy now).
How do I book my experience?
Once you have purchased a ticket, you can book a time directly from our booking website (Book now).
Where are your terms and conditions?
Please read our full Terms and Conditions before making a purchase.

B737 Simulator

Can I fly the simulator myself?
Of course! Your pilot instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the captain flying during the experience.
Do I need any flying experience?
Most of our guests have never flown an aircraft before. We will show you and guide you through the procedures real pilots go through in their flying.
Does the simulator move?
The simulator is a so-called Fixed Base Device which means it does not move. However most customers feel as if they are really moving and often hold on. The high quality graphics and visual motion makes the experience truly real.
How closely does the simulator resemble the real thing?
Our simulator is a replica of a real 737 cockpit. It is in fact so real that pilots regularly come to us and use our simulator for their own training requirements.
How extensive is the briefing?
We try to maximise your flying time by commencing the briefing when you're in the pilot's seat. Generally our pilot will explain enough to enable you to take off. Further details are provided while you're flying and as needed to ensure a rewarding flight. The briefing can be modified to fit your requirements and your experience.
How many people can fly the simulator per session?
One person per session unless stated otherwise. Note than you can bring up to 4 passengers for free to observe your flight.
What is the minimum age?
We invite young pilots from the age of 6 for our flight experiences. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


I haven't done VR before. Is that a problem?
No, not at all. You'll be supported throughout your introduction to ICAROS and VR.
Is there an age limit?
Participants need to be tall enough to make ICAROS balance. That's usually about 150cm tall.
Is there a weight limit?
The maximum weight of participants is 110kg.
Will the VR make me feel sick?
We show every participant how to use ICAROS properly, and get you to practice techniques which will reduce the likelihood of you feeling dizzy or unwell.

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