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Fledgling Flight
Price: $30.00
Falcon Flight
30 minutes
Price: $60.00
Cloud Catcher
45 minutes
Price: $165.00


Fledgling Flight

Try ICAROS with our introductory Fledgling Flight. You’ll be fully briefed and assisted with the operation of ICAROS and the Virtual Reality gear as you become familiar with shifting your centre of gravity to control your flight. When you’ve finished your warm-up, you’ll engage in two full-length games.

Although individual times will vary, your experience will generally take about 15 minutes, but we won't rush you.

Falcon Flight
30 minutes

Explore ICAROS for 30 minutes with our Falcon Flight. If you've not used ICAROS before, we'll introduce you so you can make the most of your time.

Designed for those who’ve completed their Fledgling Flight, our Falcon Flights take you to the next level with the support of our instructor. You’ll have an ICAROS to yourself for 30 minutes, and choose from a range of agility, battle and exploration games. Fend off an alien attack, improve your high score racing through the hoops or navigate through the winding path and tunnel. In 30 minutes, you’ll have time to complete 7 or 8 games.

Falcon Flights can be kept to yourself, or we recommend you share your 30 minutes with a friend.

Cloud Catcher
45 minutes

Especially created for a small gathering of up to 3 people, the Cloud Catcher will introduce you to the amazing ICAROS and give you plenty of time to explore many possibilities, all under the watchful and careful eye of our instructor. You’ll have an ICAROS to yourself (and your friends) for a full 45 minutes. For the novice, there's plenty to discover and explore. For the more experienced, you'll have ample opportunity to improve your score.

A Cloud Catcher can be kept to yourself, though we recommend you share your 45 minutes with one or two friends.

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