Father's Day Fun

Here are some great gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day.

B737 Simulator

Put Dad in charge of a large commercial aircraft for the day! He'll be the pilot. He'll fly the plane. He can bring the family along to watch.

Choose the duration to suit: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Shorter sessions are ideal for trying the primary aircraft controls — engine throttles, flaps, elevator, ailerons and rudder — and simple take-off and landing procedures.

Choose a longer session to land at a number of airports under a variety of light and weather conditions, and to become familiear with the primary controls.

Or challenge Dad to master the sophisticated Navigation and autopilot systems, and overcome difficult flying conditions.

ICAROS Active Virtual Reality

Give Dad the opportunity to fly like Superman with an ICAROS experience.

Dad will 'steer' ICAROS by altering his position on the finely-balanced ICAROS frame, and so manoeuvre through the virtual world.

He'll enjoy the fun and physical challenge of moving through a sequence of rings, or saving the world against an alien spacecraft and its remote drones. Or perhaps he'll explore the wonders of an underwater realm.

Paraglider Simulator

You are suspended in a harness which is connected to the simulator. You have the brakes in your hands, which are connected to sensors, so that the system can determine your inputs, the same applies to steering with weightshift. So steering feels very natural. On your head you get virtual reality glasses. This transfers you into a virtual world, where you can see depth just like in real life. The VR glasses are connected to a special computer, on which a professional paragliding flight simulator runs.

If you look around you you see a realistic representation of what you would see in real life. Below you can see your legs/podharness and above you the paraglider. In the distance you can see (depending on which scenario we load) the mountains, the trees and buildings. The instructor literally stands next to you and operates the simulator. We can pause and try things again. We can change the wind direction and speed, the type of weather and the whole environment. We can start your flight wherever we want and have maximum freedom to give you the most entertaining and educationally rich experience possible.

The Paraglider Simulator is expected to be operating from early September, after installation is complete.

Make it a family occasion

Let the whole family join in with a family fun package.

Give the whole family the opportunity to fly the B737 simulator, or get everyone hooked up with ICAROS Active VR. Or why not combine the two, and have the whole family doing both activities?

Please note: ICAROS users must be at least 150cm tall, and under 120kg.

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